GE Power adds new gas turbine to Iraqi plant

GE Power has installed and commissioned a new advanced 9E gas turbine at the Al Quds power plant in Iraq.

The site was previously capable of generating up to 1,125 MW. With the addition of the new turbine, it can generate an additional 125 MW, which will contribute to meeting the higher demand for power during the summer months.

“Delivering additional power for the hot summer months is a priority for the Ministry of Electricity,” Musaab al-Mudarris, director of media at the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. “One of the quickest and most cost-effective means of adding efficient, reliable power to the national grid is to enhance the productivity of existing power generation facilities.

GE’s 9E technology is capable of running on more than 50 different kinds of fuel. This provides the ministry with the flexibility to operate the unit on the most economical source available and to keep generating power using liquid fuels when gas is unavailable.

Joseph Anis, president of GE’s Gas Power Systems and Power Services businesses in the middle east and south Asia, pointed out that GE has been engaged within Iraq for more than 50 years.

“Our teams were among the first to enter Mosul after its liberation, helping to rehabilitate the Al Qayara power plant; we are supporting the development of the country’s largest power plant in Baghdad province; and we have facilitated the Ministry of Finance to unlock over $2 billion of funding for the power sector,” Anis said.We have a strong, successful track record of delivering results under the toughest of conditions across Iraq and remain committed to building upon this legacy.”

à‚ GE employs up to 300 people in Iraq, more than 90 percent of whom are Iraqi nationals.


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