Gas transmission study favours cogeneration

A comparative study of the capital cost analysis of energy transmission via natural gas pipelines and overhead electric wire lines is set to have a positive effect on the future of cogeneration.

The analysis looks at the cost to transporting gas to major population centres and the evidence appears favourable for on-site energy specialists.

à‚  The study by the Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest Gas Association is seen as having great implications for the cogeneration industry.

That’s the consensus among members of COSPP LinkedIn Group, the meeting forum of choice for those involved in the combined heat and power and on-site power industries.

Jay Rosenberg of Sanner said, “It is inevitable, and happening. We are charging ahead. Our plans are on site power production, and providing discounted power.”

Join the group, view and contribute to the discussion, (entitled ‘Pipes are cheaper than transmission lines) which is based on this study.

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