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Gas-fired CHP to form part of Polish energy investment

Poland has received a loan from the European Investment Bank worth nearly $513m (PLN 2bn) aimed at improving the country’s energy sector.

Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) Group is to use the funds to upgrade the electricity network and build two gas-fired, combined heat and power plants.

The two projects are expected to reduce coal generation as well as cutà‚ around 275g of carbon emissions per kWh in line with EIB strategy to help reduce the country’s dependency on coal.
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Làƒ¡szlàƒ³ Baranyay, EIB Vice President with responsibility for the Bank’s operations in Poland, said: “The EIB, as the bank of the European Union, strongly promotes a competitive, diversified and secure energy supply. We therefore particularly welcome this agreement with PGE as its investment is improving the reliability of the electricity supply in Poland and reducing interruptions in distribution.

“Thanks to the use of gas, PGE’s undertaking is also increasing the diversification of the Polish power sector, which is dominated by coal-fired plants.”