Fuel cell tops 10,000 hours

An Acumentrics Corporation fuel cell system has exceeded 10,500 hours of operation to become the longest-running small-scale solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system the company says.

The 5 kW tubular SOFC system, designed to provide stationary, auxiliary and backup power for commercial, industrial and military applications, began operation in July 2006.

In parallel with development of the 5 kW system, Acumentrics is preparing to bring a 1 kW residential SOFC micro gas-fired combined heat and power system using a 1 Kw fuel cell in combination with a 24 kW condensing boiler.

President and CEO of the company Gary Simon said: ‘This demonstration of durability is an important step in proving the compelling value proposition of the tubular SOFC to customers who are using far less efficient technologies. This particular unit has continued to operate within the specified operating parameters for well over a year and has been subjected to real world conditions including several power cycles and transportation to different locations.’

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