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France’s power and gas system operators look to better integrate renewables

RTE and GRTgaz have created a common databank to analyze how power production from renewables can be better integrated into France’s electricity system.

France’s electricity transmission system operator RTE (owned by EDF), and natural gas transmission system operator GRTgaz, a subsidiary of France-based energy company Engie, have announced a partnership to accelerate the transition to a power network turned towards the integration of renewable energies.
In the frame of this partnership, the two companies will launch the online platform opendata.reseaux-energies.fr, which will include data on power production and consumption at both a national and regional level.

The new platform will integrate data coming from the companies’ respective platforms Open Data RTE, Open Data GRTgaz, and from theà‚  applications GRTgaz+ and éCO2mix. RTE added that the platform will also include data from other power and gas grid operators in the near future.

Furthermore, RTE said it will join the GRTgaz’s Jupiter 1000 power-to-gas project, an initiative aimed at assessing the technical and economic viability of this technology. Power-to-gas, RTE stressed, is useful for transforming power surplus from renewable energy sources into methane. After CO2 capture, methane can be injected into the gas grid or stored.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the FEDER funds, by the French government as part of theà‚ “Investissements d’Avenir” program entrusted to ADEME and the Provence-Alpes-Càƒ´tes d’Azur regional council.