A new fast-track power plant is to supply 100 MW to help power the community of Port Hedland in Pilbara, Western Australia.

The gas-fired system (pictured) from US-based APR Energy consists of four mobile GE TM2500+ aero-derivative turbines. It is set to initially provide 60 MW to the grid, said Clive Turton, the firm’s managing director.

“This plant is something we put together very quickly, within a couple of months of contract signature,” Turton said. “We can put together large-scale power plants in a very, very short time. We can build a plant in 90 days and have it from nothing to delivering power in that time.”

The plant represents the firm’s first Australian project, he added, and has been designed for the extreme climate conditions in Western Australia, where temperatures can reach 48ºC.

According to state-owned utility Horizon Power, the temporary power solution is planned to remain in place until early 2017, when a permanent 150 MW combined-cycle gas power station is due to be completed by TransAlta Energy.


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