19 February 2010 – Petro-Canada Lubricants have announced that its SENTRON LD 5000 premium natural gas engine oil has been approved by GE Jenbacher for use in all of its Type 6 engines fuelled by natural gas, after accumulating more than 10,000 hours of service in each of two field trials.
The field trials were conducted in GE Jenbacher J620 and J420 engines used in CHP applications, including a chemical plant in Germany and a textile manufacturing plant in Spain.
During the trials, SENTRON LD 5000 displayed several performance characteristics and benefits, including extended drain capability without detriment to engine cleanliness, particularly regarding ring zone deposits, due to its very robust detergency capabilities.
‘Especially exciting is that trials, and actual experience, have demonstrated oil drain intervals extending beyond 10,000 hours. This capability is very important when attempting to increase the equipment’s maintenance interval without impacting durability and performance,’ says Allan Murray, Category Portfolio Manager, Commercial Industrial Engines, Petro-Canada Lubricants.
SENTRON LD 5000 is approved by several OEMs, including GE Jenbacher, MAN, MTU, Waukesha, Guascor and MDE, and has been verified by Caterpillar, says Petro-Canada Lubricants.
High-performance additives are incorporated in the oil for the extra performance required for severe service applications. With its robust base retention and acid resistance, it is also expected to meet the more severe operational needs of CHP, light biogas, sewage gas, coal bed methane and halogen-free landfill gas operations.