The Republic of China government is preparing to establish a smart grid nationwide starting in 2012 in an effort to enhance power supply stability and promote Taiwan’s smart industries, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

“In response to the adoption of renewable energies and the universal call to reduce carbon emissions, countries around the world have started to set up smart grids,” MOEA officials said.

“Taiwan will be an active participant in this global trend, and is poised to become a front-runner given the country’s leading edge in information communication technology,” they added.

The ministry made the announcement during an MOEA-organized forum on smart grid development policy and strategies in Taipei.

According to the plan, which is scheduled for completion by 2030, the MOEA will invest over NT$130 billion (US$4.28 billion) to equip all substations countrywide with intelligent power distribution capabilities and replace the traditional meters installed at businesses and households with smart ones.

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