Duke Energy targets more CHP

US-based Duke Energy is planning to develop more projects with combined heat and power technology involvement.

The Charlotte Business Journal reports that the company is currently awaiting a decision before going ahead with the building of a $55m combined heat and power plant at Duke University in North Carolina.
Duke Energy
As part of its application the company has told the N.C. Utilities Commission it sees several opportunities for additional CHP projects, employing from 10 to 30-megawatt natural gas plants to provide electricity for the grid and steam services to the host client for heating or industrial processes.

“(Duke) began soliciting interest in CHP from existing large industrial, institutional, and military customers with high minimum steam needs in 2015, and identified (Duke University) as one of several interested prospects,” James Northrup, Duke’s director of wholesale and renewables analytics, says in testimony filed with the permit application Monday. “Since the Duke University CHP is the first of its kind on the DEC system, cost savings are expected to be realized going forward with additional CHP installations.”

The Duke University project will be a 21-megawatt plant with a single combustion turbine. It will use waste heat from electricity production to provide high-pressure steam to power equipment and heat for use on the campus. The plant will be connected to the Duke Energy Carolinas grid.

As well as reducing carbon emissions, the University will benefit in that the plant can be “islanded” to provide power to the university in the event of outages on the larger system.

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