Disenco announces Stirling engined micro-CHP roll out

Production of a domestic-scale micro-CHP unit based on Stirling engine technology has begun with full roll-out beginning this year.

Sheffield-based Disenco is launching the machine which it says generates heat and electricity at efficiency levels in excess of 90%.

Developed by British motorsport engineering company Prodrive Automotive Technology – which runs the Aston Martin Racing and Subaru World Rally Teams – the Disenco HomePowerPlant uses helium as its working gas coupled with with an external heat source.

The Stirling engine drives a generator to produce up to 3 kWe at 230 V together with 15 to 18 kWth from a dishwasher-sized gas-fired appliance. Configurable for multiple gas sources, future designs are set to include devices capable of utilising wood, oil and bio fuels.

Autocraft Industries UK, a subsidiary of Aftermarket Technology Corp., has been named as the volume engine manufacturer for its device.

Tim Yeo, chairman of the UK’s House of Commons Environmental Committee, recently visiting Prodrive’s Warwick site, commented that the device ‘could ࢀ¦ speed up the introduction of decentralised micro-generation of electricity.’

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