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Dalkia inks CHP deal with UKࢀ™s Warwick University

The University of Warwick has signed a 12-year deal with energy and utilities management company Dalkia to provide a CHP system for energy generation at its 292-hectare campus in central England.

Dalkia says that by incorporating its on-site CHP technology using gas-fired engines, the university will be able to self generate part of its own energy demand in the form of electricity and heat, making it 40% more efficient than conventional energy generation.

The system supplies hot water to the district heating system, which serves the campus, and also provides energy for more than half of the universityࢀ™s annual electricity consumption.

The university first made use of CHP generation in 2001 and has since invested more than à‚£4m ($6.5m) in developing CHP together with an extensive district-heating network.

The university now has three 1400 kWe CHP units and one 400kWe CHP unit. Dalkia says a typical saving of about à‚£45,000 per year can be achieved with a 200 kW CHP plant.

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