The 75 kW system at General Hydroponics’ Santa Rosa, California facility is producing solar power through a solar hybrid project installed by Cogenra Solar.

The system features 15 kW of electricity and 60 kW of thermal energy, and was built to complement General Hydroponics existing 101 kW photovoltaic (PV) system, while adding the dual production of solar-powered hot water and electricity in one installation.

A total of 36 Cogenra PV thermal (PVT) receivers were attached using a standard solar racking system to the General Hydroponics rooftop.

It is expected that the installation will offset around 3500 therms of the facility’s natural gas usage and add to the solar energy the site is already producing.

Lawrence Brooke, owner of General Hydroponics said, “We hadn’t addressed our significant gas demand for heating water used to make our nutrient blends. Now, with the solar cogeneration array delivering both hot water and electricity, we expect a payback of less than five years, providing a significant return on our investment and protection from future rises in energy costs.”

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