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Cogen to feature in Japanese ‘smart town’

A planned ‘smart town’ in Yokohama, Japan is set to feature a gas-fired cogeneration plant.

The plan for the city was developed by the Tsunashima Sustainable Smart Town (SST) Council, a consortium of 10 organizations led by Panasonic and Nomura Real Estate Development Co Ltd, and was announced this week. It aims to make Yokohama one of Japan’s model ‘FutureCities’.

A former Panasonic factory site is the planned location for the new development, which will feature both residences and businesses. Among its environmental targets will be a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide from 2006 levels and a 30% usage rate for new energy sources, as well as a 30% reduction in water use from 2005 levels.

The cogeneration plant, housed in an energy centre, will provide power and heat to the buildings. The town will also feature a hydrogen refuelling station designed to promote the use of fuel cell vehicles.à‚