CHP systems for NY construction

Tecogen Inc has announced the sale of two InVerde Ultera 100 kW cogeneration modules for use in a new building under construction inà‚ Queens, New York, US.

The InVerde combined heat and power (CHP) units will power the multi-unit luxury residential building as well as the heated rooftop pool. Running on natural gas, the new building will benefit from a nearly 50% reduction in operating cost and carbon output over conventional power and heating equipment. à‚ 

Worth nearly US$500,000, the sale includes additional engineered accessories for ease of installation as well as a long term service agreement.

The InVerde units will be installed on the building’s roof when the building is nearing completion late 2016.

Installation is being managed by Ventrop Engineering Consulting Group.

Nick Raadà‚ of Ventrop noted, ‘Tecogen’s InVerde CHP equipment will seamlessly connect to the grid, providing the building with backup power in case of emergency and an efficient cost-effective power and heating solution year-round.’

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