A combined heat and power system is working in tandem with condensing boilers in Nuneaton Town Hall in Warwickshire.

An integrated DACHS mini-CHP system and four Potterton Eurocondense Plus 160 boilers have replaced the seven existing gas-fired boilers and two gas-fired water heaters at the Town Hall.

Manufactured by Baxi group company SenerTec GmBH in Germany, the reciprocating engine CHP unit has led to less reliance on centralized power generation.

Operating as the lead boiler for both heating and hot water, it produces 12.5 kWth and 5.5kWe, which is used for the site’s electricity requirements.

The new condensing boilers are set-up in series with the four units together giving a maximum output of 612 kWth.

The system is controlled by local interfaces and the council’s networked building energy management system, which ensures that the boilers only operate when required to provide additional heating and hot water capacity.