CHP plan for Philadelphia mass transit system

A Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant is to be developed at the Midvale Complex, North Philadelphia, USA, after the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (Septa) approved two new sustainability projects.

At an estimated cost of US$26.8 million, a natural gas-fired CHP plant will power part of SEPTA’s Regional Rail system and its largest bus garage – financed entirely through energy savings guaranteed to SEPTA under the Pennsylvania Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA).
SEPTA has selected Noresco, LLC as the energy services company to design the proposed CHP plant, which would use twin natural gas generators to power the Wayne Junction Substation and Midvale Bus Garage.

Noresco will now conduct an audit to determine the optimal configuration of the CHP Plant. Excess heat from the CHP plant will cover the heating load at three additional nearby SEPTA facilities. Given regulatory approvals the plant could be operational by 2017.

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