Caterpillar releases new gas-fired genset

Caterpillar has released the latest model of its Cat G3512 natural gas-fired genset.

The gensetà‚ (pictured) is rated for continuous power at 750 kW or 1000 kW at 60 Hz. Caterpillar said it is targeted for flexible applications in the North American non-emergency emissions market, where a single unit is used for both standby and load management operations.

The company added that the genset is well-suited for office buildings, data centres, retail complexes, schools, government buildings, universities and research facilities. The unit is compatible with NFPA 110 Level 1 Type 10 applications, where backup power is required for mandatory building functions such as egress lighting, lifts, ventilation or data equipment.

According to Caterpillar, the genset features an updated package design and a high power density 12-cylinder engine, and is modelled on the firm’s diesel genset in order to minimize installation costs and commissioning time.

It also features Caterpillar’s new EMCP 4.3 genset controller, which the company says allows it to easily integrate with building management systems. Its features also include complete SR5 generators, gas train, package-mounted radiators and simplified wiring connections.

Caterpillar said the genset starts and accepts power load in as fast as 6.5 seconds, depending on site conditions.à‚ 

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