Capstone Turbine has won an order for a microturbine to provide combined heat and power (CHP) for a Portuguese textile mill.

The company said the order for its C600S microturbine was the first in the country.

According to Capstone, the textile mill’s owners were looking to expand in order to increase production capacity. As the local utility’s rates were high, the owners decided on a gas-fired microturbine.

The thermal energy from the exhaust is used in a direct-fire application in one of the processes at the textile mill, resulting in improved production efficiency and reduced operating expense.

Darren Jamison, Capstone’s president and CEO, said the project was “a blueprint for other textile mills all over Europe, paving the way for others to improve their bottom line with microturbines”.

“Every high-profile CHP project in a new market or geography is another straw on the electric utilities’ back and at some point in the near future, I believe we will wake up to a new energy reality where clean and efficient on-site CHP, behind the meter, is the new world norm,” he added.

Portugal’s CHP Directive, which it renewed in 2015, aims to increase energy efficiency and security of supply by creating a framework for the promotion and development of high-efficiency cogeneration projects based on useful heat demand and primary energy savings.

“The CHP markets in Spain and Portugal have been depressed for several years. It is good to see the dedication of our distributor beginning to pay off,” said Jim Crouse, Capstone’s executive vice-president, Sales and Marketing. “We expect this to be the first of many new projects to come from the region.”