3 May 2010– Capstone Turbine Corp received an order for a C1000 natural gas-fired turbine from a specialty meat producer in Italy. This is one of the first sales of a Capstone C1000 power package in Italy.

Capstone distributor IBT Group sold the C1000 to Recla, a company in the Italian Alps that produces ham, sausages, bacon, salami, prosciutto and other high-end meat products that are exported to the United States and
around the world.

The C1000 is a 1 MW power system configured in a single compact ISO size container that provides the same low emissions, low noise, high efficiency and extended maintenance benefits of Capstone’s C30, C65 and C200

The C1000 turbine will be installed in Recla’s production facility in a combined heat and power (CHP) application. The turbine will provide 1 MW of electricity to supplement power from the local utility. In addition, waste heat from the turbine will be captured to preheat water for steam used in the manufacturing process and to produce additional hot water for the facility.

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