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“It’s a simplified mini-lifecycle cost analysis – and the simplest gas turbine-specific filter rating system in the industry.”

That’s how Joshua Kohn describes The Value Rating classification which has been developed by air filtration company Camfil Power Systems for gas turbines.

“In the power generation industry, close to 98% of what goes into the turbine is air,” says R&D manager Kohn. “That’s why we believe it is critical that the inlet filtration system is properly designed in conjunction with the end user to maximize performance output on the gas turbine operator side.”

With no gas turbine-specific rating system available that delivered tangible, operational impacts, Camfil designed its own. Kohn explains that the goal of The Value Rating is to “create an immediate link from the filtration system to the gas turbine operator outputs in an intuitive manner”.

And he adds that by creating this link, “we are removing all the complexity regarding filtration dynamics and focusing only on the output of our customers”.

The Value Rating is designed to be a projection of the impact a final filter will have on a gas turbine’s performance in terms of three key areas: power output, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions.

A filter’s rating is calculated using four inputs pulled from a test report: filter efficiency, airflow, initial pressure drop, and filter pressure drop after 250 grams of dust loading.

Based on a standardized environment and the latest published data from gas turbine manufacturers to allow for a quick performance comparison, The Value Rating is designed to deliver data which GT operators can use to compare the impact of different filters and in turn make a selection for their equipment.

“The Value Rating is meant to be the most intuitive filter rating system for gas turbine operators,” says Kohn.
Sophie Belanger, Camfil Power Systems’ Global Product Manager, adds: “With the ability to quickly find The Value Rating of any filter, it has never been easier for turbine operators to keep track of how filtration solutions impact engine performance.”

Camfil has produced a whitepaper delivering further detail on The Value Rating. Download it here.

And you can also download on demand a webcast moderated by PEi Editor-in-Chief Kelvin Ross, which takes a deep dive into the methodology behind The Value Rating and also spotlights its benefits. Watch it here.

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