Britain’s biggest fuel cell installed as part of London CHP project

The UK’s largest fuel cell system has been installed as part of a central London redevelopment project.

The 300 kW molten carbonate fuel cell — the first of its kind in the UK — is part of a CHP system serving The Crown Estate’s Quadrant 3 scheme to redevelop the Regent Street Quadrant area. Edinburgh-based Logan Energy designed and integrated the fuel cell CHP installation, which runs on natural gas. The fuel cell was supplied by Connecticut, US-based FuelCell Energy. à‚ à‚ 

The heat from the installation will be used for facility heating and cooling. Its overall efficiency is estimated at 83 percent, but with a higher electrical contribution than other types of distributed generation. The fuel cell will also emit 38 percent less CO2à‚ than using electricity from the grid and heat from efficient gas-fired boilers, Logan Energy said.

The combined heat and power system serves the à‚£400m (US$640m) Quadrant 3 scheme, which includes 25,000 m2 of offices, retail, residential, restaurant and hotel space in the Regent Street Quadrant area.

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