Brazil approves 290.6 MW of renewable power projects

Brazil’s power sector watchdog Aneel has approvedà‚ 290.6à‚ MWà‚ of winning energy projects from an earlier auction this summer, it has been reported.

The projects include eight wind farms with 231.6à‚ MWà‚ of combined capacity, including two small hydropower plants of 23à‚ MWà‚ in total in Minas Gerais,à‚ one 8 MWà‚ biomass plant in Rio Grande do Sul and one 28 MW natural gas-fired plant in Bahia.

They were approved afterà‚ the owners met requirementsà‚ established by Aneel. Power supply shouldà‚ start on 1 January, 2018.

From the 29 winning projects in theà‚ August 21à‚ auction, Aneel has approved a total of 21 schemes, or 530à‚ MWà‚ of capacity.

The tender securedà‚ 669.5à‚ MWà‚ of clean energy, or 58,004,224.8 MWh.

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