Biogas CHP from wastewater for Australia poultry plant

Australia‘s largest privately-owned poultry business is to install a hybrid combined heat and power (CHP) and wastewater project to power and heat its facility.

The project for Baiada Poultry Ltd will first cap ponds containing wastewater from the company’s processing plant (pictured). Three GT333S gas-fired microturbines with on-board heat recovery modules from US-based FlexEnergy will use the trapped methane from the ponds, blended with natural gas, to power and heat the plant. à‚ 

The GT333S are the only synchronous generator-based microturbines, FlexEnergy said. They are the first such units to be shipped to Australia and are expected to be commissioned in early 2016.

Brett Kirk, CFO of Baiada, said: ‘This innovative hybrid fuels project reduces our consumption of grid-sourced electricity. Recovering the biogas from the ponds and converting this waste to energy means we lower both our carbon emissions and our operating costs. We chose to use natural gas in the fuel blend in order to optimise carbon reduction while maintaining an attractive payback.’


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