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Biofuelled cogeneration at UK gas distribution point

UK-based renewable power company Blue-NG has ordered two MAN engines to power two highly efficient and innovative power plants in London, UK, where heat from the bio-fuelled engines is used in the process of natural gas pressure reduction. Each plant, located in the Southall and Beckton districts, will have one MAN B&W 7K60MC-S engine at its heart, manufactured by MAN Diesel’s Polish licensee H. Cegielski ࢀ“ Poznan.

The heat from the two plants will be used in the gas pre-heating process, a necessary part of the pressure reduction process for liquid natural gas, and will supply renewable electricity. Blue-NG signed a turnkey construction contract with Land & Marine Project Engineering for the design and construction of the power plants earlier this year.

The engines represent the latest generation of the popular, two-stroke, low-speed MAN B&W K60MC-S engine and will run on crude rapeseed oil. Each engine develops 13.9 MW at 150 rpm and is installed with an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine and ‘turbo compound system’ for increased efficiency.

Blue-NG is builds and operates generating plants that produce electricity and heat locally. The company is a joint venture between the National Grid, the UK’s gas and power distribution company, and 2OC, a company well known in geothermal energy and natural gas pressure reduction station projects.