Berger/Cummins delivers fast-track 30 MW plant to US base in Afghanistan

A 30 MW power plant has been mobilized in just 55 days at a US Army airfield in Afghanistan.

Located 25 miles north of Kabul, Bagram Airfield is one of the largest military bases in Afghanistan, equivalent to a town of 40 000 people. It supports US and international military personnel, civilian employees and contractors.

Its two runways support commercial, cargo and military flights ranging from Predator drones and fighter jets to 747s.

The airfield is powered by an existing government-owned gas turbine plant but this suffered frequent power shortages. To fix this the US Army Corps of Engineers hired Berger/Cummins, a joint venture between The Louis Berger Group (Louis Berger) and Cummins Power Generation, to supply a supplementary leased plant.

Berger/Cummins repositioned power generation and supporting electrical equipment from three different sites within Afghanistan while airlifting other essential material from Dubai directly into Bagram.

The installation team worked around the clock to finish the electrical installation to meet the deadline.à‚ Berger/Cummins will operate and maintain the power plant for up to 18 months.

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