Belgian bio-oil plant gets the off

Thenergo has commenced development of a 9 MWe CHP bio-oil plant in Merksplas, Belgium.

The project, Greenpower, will be operational for up to 8,000 hours per year – about 11 months – generating 6 MWth for two industrial partners, and 9 MWe of electricity.

The project, which will burn jatropha oil, represents a total investment of €11 million and is expected to be operational in February 2009.

Kurt Alen, CEO of Thenergo said: ‘Our strategy to diversify our feedstock base, namely biogas, natural gas, bio-oil, woody biomass and secondary fuels, ensures long-term procurement security and better management of fuel costs, while allowing us to be more reactive to market driven opportunities.’

The company adds that for the past five years Leysen NV, a Thenergo company, has been researching the sustainable energy potential of jatropha, from cultivation to logistics, to ensure minimal loss of primary energy during production and transportation.

The development is a joint venture between Thenergo, the majority shareholder and operator, and the Quirynen and Dielis companies.

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