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Australian aquatic centre set to save through CHP

The Oasis Aquatic Centre in New South Wales, Australia is set to substantially reduce its energy costs by an average of A$320,000 per year after a gas-fired cogeneration plant became fully operational last week.

Previously, a typical power bill for the centre would cost between A$400,000 and A$450,000 each year, but with the plant installed, it is expected to be only A$80,000.

It will take two years to recoup the investment made but the centre has had the added benefit of seeing the installation come in well under budget. The original budget had been in the region of A$780,000, but it had ended up costing less than $500,000.

“This is an important development because of the financial savings in council and there’s a significant reduction in carbon emissions. We’re estimating we will save about 1000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year,” said centre manager Ben Creighton to the Daily Advertiser.

The generator will create 229 kW of electricity and the engine will produce 358 kW of thermal heat that will be used to heat the pools.

The project was jointly funded by the federal government’s Community Energy Efficiency Program and a low interest loan from Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

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