Two of the nine projects in Pennsylvania, US, selected for $12 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funding were submitted using technology from Capstone Turbine Corporation, says the company. The projects, which will receive $1.6 million of the total $12 million awarded, will see microturbine-based CHP systems installed at two industrial sites.

The projects were developed by E-Finity Distributed Generation, Capstone’s distributor for the Mid-Atlantic region.

E-Finity will supply, integrate and maintain the Capstone C1000 to be located at Mount Joy Wire Corp. in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. The wire manufacturer will use the natural gas-fuelled C1000 in a CHP application that will provide 1 MW of electricity to the facility. Heat produced by the turbine will be used to heat water on-site.

E-Finity also will supply, integrate and maintain the second CHP project at Philadelphia Gas Works headquarters in downtown Philadelphia. Philadelphia Gas has had a Capstone C200 natural gas turbine installed and will use the device to educate its customers about the benefits of CHP. Waste heat energy from the turbine will heat water that is then run through an absorption chiller to create air conditioning for the facility.

E-Finity recently commissioned the first Capstone microturbines in Philadelphia at the Four Seasons Hotel and recently completed projects at The Bridge Business Center, Salem College and a compressor station for Dominion Transmission.