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APR Energy wins contracts in Peru and Argentina

APR Energy has been awarded two temporary power contracts; one from Peru’s national electric utility company, Electroperu SA, and the second from Argentine utility Energia Argentina SA (ENARSA).

For the Electroperu contract, APR will supply a 60 MW/138kV diesel fired power plant, which will be used to meet peak seasonal demands in the southern region of Peru.

The new plant, which will be located in Mollendo, is in addition to APR’s existing 60 MW power plant located in Trujillo, which has been operating since mid-2009.

APR Energy’s existing customer in Argentina, ENARSA has awarded a new contract to APR for 25 MW/33kV temporary power solution in the city of Magdalena, within the province of Buenos Aires.

The diesel powered plant will provide a temporary power source for the utility until more permanent power can be brought online.

APR Energy has been working with ENARSA to fulfill the power needs in Argentina since mid-2008 and is presently operating four separate power projects within the country.

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