AE643A gas turbine
AE643A gas turbine, credit Ansaldo

Italian power manufacturing firm Ansaldo Energia will supply and maintain a natural gas-fired turbine for a Polish industrial power plant.

Ansaldo was awarded the contract for an 80MW AEG4.3 gas turbine by Synthos, a chemical company producing rubbers and polymers. The AEG4.3 will be part of the combined cycle gas turbine power infrastructure in Synthos’ Oswiecim plant.

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It replaces a previous coil boiler. Once operational, the turbine will provide production resiliency and process steam need by the manufacturing plant.

The deal has a financial value of about 50 million Euros, or $61.3 million. Ansaldo also will provide maintenance duties on the gas turbine.

The CCGT facility will be part of the Polish capacity market and fit into the context of the planned European Union coal phaseout.

The AE64.3 offers fast start, fast ramp-up and hot restart capabilities. Its gross efficiency measures about 37%, while its net plant power output measures 120MW in a 1×1 configuration and 243MW in a 2×1.

Ansaldo Energia is 88% owned by Italian state-owned Cdp Equity investment group, and 12% by China’s Shanghai Electric.

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