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2G Energy wins 8 MW CHP contract with major US hospital

2G Energy has won a contract to supply four combined heat and power (CHP) units to the seventh largest public health system in the US.

The 2 MW natural gas-fired units will be supplied to the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Erlanger Health System, which includes an academic medical centre, trauma centre and pediatric and neonatal care centres. The campus spans five hospitals and six emergency departments as well as seven centres of excellence.à‚ 

The modular CHP units will be installed in what was formerly a hospital incinerator after being custom-built and containerized in 2G Energy’s manufacturing facility in the state of Florida, and will be designed to achieve as high as 80 per cent efficiency, the company said.

Project development firm White Harvest Energy will plan and execute the project, which is expected to be completed in 2018. à‚ 

John Loetscher, Erlanger’s vice-president of facilities, engineering and real estate, said the company “will be able to reduce emissions, create a more reliable energy source for the hospital with on-site generation and also save a great deal of costs on our overall energy bill” through installing CHP.à‚ 

Loetscher estimated that the project will save the hospital around 20 per cent on its current energy costs and will pay for itself in four years or less when combined with incentives.à‚