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Energy storage is one of the foremost enablers of the energy transition ” many would argue it is the primary enabler.

It allows stakeholders in the energy markets ” from corporations to consumers ” to take a level of ownership of their energy consumption.

And there is consensus that there is still vast untapped potential for the many variations of storage, including thermal, chemical, mechanical and electrical.

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But where in the energy value chain will we see storage being most deployed?

In generation/hybrid settings? As grid support? In the commercial and industrial sectors? In the home? Or as part of eMobility infrastructure?

Go on: Take a minute to think of your answer.

I posed the above question this week to the several hundred people who joined a webinar hosted by PEi and Enlit Europe on Innovation in Energy Storage. The results were fascinating and provoked a great in-depth discussion with my panellists, who were from EASE (European Association for Storage of Energy), Aggreko, Enel Foundation, and IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency).

What were those results? Well, I’m going to recommend you download our on-demand recording to find out: you won’t be disappointed by the depth of discussion that the panellists provided.

They highlighted the storage success stories worldwide, where the new frontiers of opportunities will be, and also flagged the challenges that remain, including, as one panellist put it, “the missing money gap”.
And once you’ve tuned-in to the recording, why not share your views with your peers on PEi’s LinkedIn community.

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