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hydro power

Promising future for small-scale hydro in Africa

Digital African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa saw an interesting discussion concerning the potential for development of small scale hydropower in Africa.
understanding what it will take to halt global warming

Opinion: this is the Year of Net Zero

Professor Myles Allen, University of Oxford, examines the 'end-game' of net zero emissions With Joe Biden in...

Industry analysis of Britain’s ten-point clean energy blueprint

Energy industry insiders deliver their expert opinion on the UK's ten-point plan for a green revolution.
e.on solar energy

The changing face of renewables in South Africa

The current RE industry associations are characterised by technology and territorial competition, and can no longer be seen as representing the broader RE sector writes Chris Yelland.
How Total and BP are leading charge in green strategic shift among global oil majors

How Total and BP are leading the green energy charge among...

By guest contributor Joseph Chang, Global Editor, ICIS Chemical Business Should oil companies be investing in solar, wind, battery...

Ed’s note: Flipping the switch on innovation

The phrase ‘energy transition’ means different things to different people in different parts of the world.

Is Africa ready for the green hydrogen revolution?

Africa's readiness to embrace green hydrogen was a key topic discussed in the recent Digital Energy Festival webinar, moderated by Cornelius Matthes, senior vice president of Dii Desert Energy, MENA.
How will Europe tackle its coal conundrum?

How will Europe tackle its coal conundrum?

The biggest ‘just’ energy transition in Europe is the one that involves those countries still reliant on coal, which accounts for a fifth of the electricity production in the EU and employs 230,000 people.

Exclusive: Green for ‘go’ on hydrogen turbines

How a research project is paving the way for hydrogen-based energy systems. By Aasa Lyckstroem.
Five potential hydrogen game-changers

Hydrogen: Five potential game-changers to watch

With hydrogen one of the hottest topics in the energy sector, here’s five projects we believe could be real game-changers.

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