Feature Articles

Digital transformation – Big data, big thinking

Laura Anderson of Siemens Energy talks exclusively to Kelvin Ross about the digital transformation of the energy sector.


Building an Australia-Singapore power link

What are the subsea cable challenges for an Asia-Pacific HVDC interconnector? Jeremy Gordonnat and James Hunt explain.
Minigrid project Maryland SEPA

Housing project delivers template for microgrid success

A housing project in Maryland in the US is demonstrating how utilities can engage with their customers to get the maximum value from microgrid projects.
solar cell

Understanding perovskite solar cells: What they are and how they work

Perovskite solar cells are causing a buzz in the world of photovoltaics. We explore what perovskites are and how they work, while keeping scientific jargon to a minimum.

Global utilities lacking basic cybersecurity practices says expert

More cyberattacks will be seen within the energy sector over the coming years as a result of the failure by the majority of global energy companies to practise basic cybersecurity protocols.

How hydrogen innovation is decarbonising the steel industry

Primetals Technologies explains how the steel sector is decarbonizing, improving energy efficiency, while developing a hydrogen economy.
Matching feed water pump designs with ever-evolving advances in gas turbine technology

Pumping up gas turbine efficiencies

Matching feed water pump designs with ever-evolving gas turbine technology has become critical.