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carbon capture

Ed’s note: Spotlight shines at last on CCUS

Is carbon capture, utilisation and storage finally about to get a leading role on the global energy stage after waiting in the wings for more than a decade?
energy storage container

Ed’s note: The next chapter of the energy storage story

Energy storage is one of the foremost enablers of the energy transition – many would argue it is the primary enabler.

Ed’s note: Time to turn up the heat on geothermal

Geothermal always plays second fiddle to wind and solar in discussions about deploying more natural resources, yet harnessing the Earth’s heat is as natural as capturing the Sun’s rays.
hydrogen strategy

Ed’s note: Why Siemens’ spin-off talk sounds right

The Siemens Energy spin-off has been a long-time coming and this week we got some detail on where the company is heading and how it plans to get there.

Hydrogen – Asia Pacific’s fuel of the future

With countries such as Singapore, Japan and Australia heavily backing hydrogen’s potential, it is only fitting to explore hydrogen’s impact on the energy transition, as well as its wider potential across APAC.

The first and last line of defence

Just when we thought our dependency on digital devices – and in turn our susceptibility to cyberattack – couldn’t get greater, along came a global pandemic.

Building a head of steam

Why geothermal energy is vital to Indonesia and how a challenging plant overhaul was carried out.

Europe hits the hy-road

The European Commission (EC) has unveiled new strategies for energy system integration and hydrogen that are designed to be key investment pillars of Europe’s Green Deal, as well as its economic recovery post-coronavirus.

A 3D digital first for China

The State Grid Corporation of China is developing and promoting 3D design standards to digitalize processes for lifecycle substation management throughout the country.

Ed’s note: Is clean energy really clean?

How can we really achieve energy transition, when the alternative and clean power generation systems are still leaving a dirty mark on the environment?

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