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Idaho National Lab R&D chief delivering keynote at nuclear friendly POWERGEN+ series

Many energy industry leaders from both theà‚ redà‚ andà‚ blue sides of the aisleà‚ believe that true, reliable carbon-free power is impossible without some form of nuclear and hydrogen-fired generation.

Some of the best work on next-gen nuclear research and development is being done at theà‚ Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The INL is leading the way on ensuring that micro-reactors, small modular reactors and hydrogen play a potentially pivotal role in the future net-zero carbon energy mix.

Marianne Walck

POWERGEN+à‚ is happy to announce that Marianne Walck, chief research officer at the INL, will be keynote speaker for the virtual series on November 9. Walck will deliver her welcoming address at 11 a.m. that Monday.

She will focus on all the work INL is doing around the next-gen nuclear part of the power generaton mix in the U.S. The lab works with companies such asà‚ SMR developer NuScale Power, which will join TerraPower in a session later in the day.

Hydrogen deployment research also is ongoing at the INL.

The November 9 POWERGEN+ series will also feature Southern Co. and Georgia utility leaders talking about theà‚ Vogtle Units 3 and 4 expansion projectà‚ in that state. The $25 billion Vogtle is the nation’s only ongoing nuclear construction project.

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Day One will feature hydrogen turbine firm 2G Energy. The sessions on Tuesday, November 10 will include GE, the International District Energy Association and more around the concept of combined, heat and power and other on-site energy efforts toward major carbon reduction in the power realm.

Robert Thornton, CEO of the International District Energy Association, will speak November 10 on case examples of combined heat and power (CHP) integrated with district energy systems, to provide resilient and efficient electricity and thermal energy services to campuses, communities and clusters.à‚ 

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