Enlit welcomes you to the future of plant operations

Stock image: 123rf.com |- electric power plant

If learning about maintenance, condition monitoring, and maximising operational efficiency within the context of next-gen technologies and systems is on your radar, take a look at the below, tailored sessions taking place at Enlit Europe Live in Milan, 30 November – 2 December 2021.

Plant Operation – Strategies & Flexibility – New ideas and blue-sky thinking on operational and optimization strategies for existing plant, with a strong focus on achieving greater flexibility.

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New Frontiers: Drones, Robotics & AI – Discover the new technologies that are taking the traditional methods of operation, maintenance and inspection of power plants and their equipment to new levels of accuracy and efficiency. These solutions include utilizing automation, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Future-proofing the Existing Gas Turbine Base – As renewables become ever-more dominant, Europe’s existing gas turbine-based generation fleet in the near-term represent an important contributor to system balancing and flexibility. But what about in the longer term? How can we ensure these valuable assets can still operate within a low-carbon system? In this session, we explore some of the technologies that can be retrofitted and the strategies being implemented by owners and operators to future-proof their gas turbine assets.

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