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Why UK ‘must adopt a renewables and nuclear strategy’ ahead of COP26

A former advisor to five UK Secretaries of State for Energy has said that the energy sector and government must act now to maximize the potential of all proven low carbon technologies as the UK prepares to host COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, later this year. à‚ 

Speaking at a summit of nuclear, renewables and industry leaders,à‚ Dr Tim Stone CBE,à‚ chairman of the Nuclear Industry Association and former chairman and founder of KPMG’s Global Infrastructure and Projects Group, told leaders in solar, nuclear and renewable energy: “This Autumn, the world will be in Glasgow for COP26 and climate strategy will be at the forefront of public attention.

“The government and the energy sector need credible plans, not just good intentions, if we are to show real international leadership. We need to be working togetherࢀ”renewables and nuclearࢀ”to push for real progress now towards COP26.

“We need to quadruple our production of clean power to bring emissions to net zero by 2050.à‚  That means more proven nuclear as well as renewables and exploring less certain options.

Dr Tim Stone says the UK government and the energy sector “need credible plans, not just good intentions, if we are to show real international leadership”

“It also means reforming the overall power system and the way we regulate it to reflect modern energy priorities including net zero, a stable power grid and economic benefits.”

“During this decade almost all of our current fleet will retire, just when we need it the most, which means we need action now.à‚  The good news is there are nuclear projects waiting in the wings, ready to deliver clean power, jobs and investment and we have the means to do this at a dramatically reduced cost starting now ” not in several years’ time.”

Dr Stone stressed that “hope alone is not enough. Without action now, we will badly damage our children’s future.”

Pamela Largue
Pamela is a senior content creator and editor and has been a part of the Clarion content team for over seven years. She specializes in international power and energy-related content.