Valmet wins flue gas deal for Finland bioenergy plant

Valmet wins flue gas deal for Finland bioenergy plant

Technology company Valmet is to equip a bioenergy heating plant in its native Finland with a flue gas recovery system.

The technology will enable the Vuosaari C plant in Helsinki ” which is owned and operated by Finnish energy company Helen ” to increase district heat production by 69 MW.

Valmet will deliver a complete flue gas condensing plant plus condensate treatment equipment, including a boiler make-up water production system, and installation is expected to be completed by 2022.

Helen is one of the largest energy companies in Finland, with more than 500,000 customers. Its project director, Antti Saikkonen, said the deal with Valmet would help Helen reach its target to be carbon neutral by 2035. “As the flue gases after combustion are led to the condensing plant, it is possible to utilize the fuel to its fullest. The heat recovery at the Vuosaari plant will increase plant efficiency to about 122 per cent based on the fuel’s effective heating value.”

Valmet’s director of environmental systems, Risto Hàƒ¤màƒ¤làƒ¤inen, added: “The exceptionally high heat recovery is achieved by using absorption heat pumps to cool down the scrubber water and by cooling the flue gas going into the stack to below 12 Celsius. The absorption heat pumps use low-pressure steam as the driving media instead of electricity.”

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