Valmet to optimize Helsinki district heating

Valmet has been chosen to supply an optimization solution for Helen Ltd’s district heat production and network in Helsinki, Finland.

The system will be geared to improve the energy efficiency of Helen’s district heating network, reduce emissions, as well as lower costs and will be operational in Spring 2021.

Optimization is one of Helen’s tools to achieve 100 per cent carbon neutrality in its energy production by 2035. Aligned with this goal, the company is developing a smarter carbon-neutral energy system and will be using Valmet’s to further this end.

Valmet’s delivery includes a Valmet DNA District Heat Manager, a district heat production and network optimization solution, which enables the management of district heat production, consumption and transfer through a single solution. At the same time, the system will enable building an effective demand response management in the future.

The system optimizes the temperature of the district heating network flow, pressure differences and pumping, and coordinates the capacity of heating plants and district heat accumulators. It also automates the operations of district heating networks and plants.

“The optimization system that predicts transmission delays and temperatures will improve the energy efficiency of the whole district heating network as it can be used in a more optimal way. This change in our operating model will reduce energy procurement costs and consequently emissions,” says Miika Lindholm, group leader, Helen.

“Our delivery to Helen is based on over 300 successful optimization projects over the past 30 years. Valmet’s best expertise is used to improve the efficiency of the customer’s district heat production in an environmentally friendly way. The new optimization system will be integrated into Helen’s existing production planning system supplied by Valmet, Valmet DNA automation systems and other existing process control and information systems,” says Teijo Salonpàƒ¤àƒ¤, head of industrial internet, automation, Valmet.

Valmet DNA District Heat Manager is part of the Valmet Industrial Internet solutions portfolio.

Valmet Technologies is a sponsor and exhibitor at POWERGEN Europe. Visit them at stand J22 and learn more about their cutting edge solutions.

Image courtesy of Helen Ltd

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