Valmet launches climate plan to achieve emissions targets

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Finnishà‚ energy equipment manufacturer Valmet has unveiled a new climate programme to accelerate its transition to a carbon-neutral company.

The programme, which was announced during the company’s Capital Markets Day on March 10, includes ambitious COà¢â€šâ€šà‚ emissions reduction targets and concrete actions for the whole value chain, including Valmet’s own operations, the supply chain, and the use of Valmet’s technologies by its customers.

The programme is aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement’s 1.5-degree pathway and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The energy firm is in the process of filing the plan with the Science-Based Targets Initiative for validation.

Currently, Valmet’s operations accountà‚ for approximately 1% of the company value chain’s carbon footprint and around 4% arises through Valmet’s supply chain.

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The energy firm has a target to reduce 80%à‚ ofà‚ COà¢â€šâ€šà‚ emissions in its own operations and 20% in its supply chain by 2030. Valmet aims to reach its own operations’ climate targets withoutà‚ emission compensation.

Furthermore, since most of Valmet’s value chain’s carbon footprint originates from the use phase of Valmet’s technologies, the programme emphasizes Valmet’s current and future ability to enable 100% carbon neutral production for its customers.

Valmet aims to enable carbon-neutral production for all pulp and paper industry customers by 2030, which requires the company both to develop new technologies enabling fossil-free pulp and paper production and to further improve the energy efficiency of its current technology offering by 20% by 2030.

Today,à‚ the customers’à‚ chemical pulp mills utilising Valmet’s technologies are often over 100% bioenergy self-sufficient. Furthermore, Valmet’s current bioenergy boiler offering enables 100% fossil-free heat and power production.

Pasi Laine, the CEO of Valmet, said: “Climate change and global warming are significant challenges that are driving companies to rapidly transform and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. We believe that technology plays a key role in mitigating climate change and global warming and the transition to a carbon neutral economy. Our climate programme covers the entire value chain and with concrete actions we will significantly reduce our own carbon footprint and support our suppliers to do the same. Valmet is also strongly committed to be the preferred partner for our customers on their journey to carbon neutrality.”

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