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Net zero coalition pledges to break silos to deliver energy goals

A coalition of European associations has been launched with the aim of breaking down industry silos to deliver Europe’s climate and energy ambitions.

The European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA) comprises 17 bodies representing different parts of the energy sector such as power plants, gas and grids, as well as industries including pulp and paper.

Launched today (Tuesday March 30), it’s led by Paul Voss, managing director of Euroheat & Power, who said that ENZA is a diverse coalition, and as such, “there will be things that we disagree on”.

However, he added that he was encouraged that there was “broad consensus on two things: that this needs to be done ” for ourselves, our families and our customers ” and that it needs to be done collectively”.

“We need to collaborate across industries and technologies.”

Members of ENZA at its launch

The coalition commits to climate neutrality by following a ‘we can ” we want ” we will’ approach. It sets out to allow stronger stakeholder alignment on policy options and support decision makers to identify the most comprehensive, impactful, and cost-efficient solutions for climate mitigation by promoting progressive and sustainable crosscutting solutions with a strong EU footprint.

It calls for a collaborative, flexible approach to not just technologies, but planning, people and policymaking.

Hydrogen Europe welcomed ENZA’s ambition to “bridge the gap between sectors and energy vectors. A sustainable, reliable, zero-emission and cost-effective energy system can only be reached through a variety of technologies in mutual co-existence.”

The 17 bodies involved are Bioenergy Europe, consumer association CEDEC, COGEN Europe, European Biogas Association, energy trading organisation EFET, ethanol group ePure, power plant association EUGINE, Euroheat & Power, Eurogas, European Heating Industry, EU Turbines, waste-to-biofuel group EWABA, Gas Infrastructure Europe, Hydrogen Europe, Solar Heat Europe, energy distribution body Geode, and paper industry association Cepi.

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