Switzerland-based construction equipment manufacturing company Kuhn Schweiz has designed the world’s largest electric vehicle – a 45-tonne dump truck that can shift up to 65 tonnes of cargo.

The truck’s mission is to transport rocks to a cement factory and the heavier the load, the more efficiently it works.

According to the manufacturer, this e-dumper does not consume energy, but actually produces more energy than it consumes while working.

The vehicle is known as the Elektro Dumper and is 9.36 metres long, 4.24 metres wide and 4.4 metres tall, with a wheelbase of 4.30 metres. 

According to CNN’s Supercharged report the “all-electric vehicle, the e-dumper can harness power from braking. This process is known as regenerative braking. When the driver hits the brakes, it puts the electric motor into reverse. Electricity is then released which can be stored and put back into the battery”.

The report also says: “The heavier the load, the stronger the braking meaning more electricity can be recovered. This makes the e-dumper hugely efficient, cheap to run and good for the planet.”

Currently, Kuhn Schweiz has deployed the prototype of the vehicle in a quarry near Biel, Switzerland.