A lignite-fired power station in Kosovo is undergoing a €76m ($84m) modernization project to cut its emissions.

The Kosovo B plant near Pristina will be modernised by a consortium of Germany’s Engineering Dobersek, Hamon Thermal Europe and UK-headquartered RJM International.

The consortium won an EU tender for the plant to significantly reduce its nitrogen oxide and dust emissions while improving its efficiency to recover full load of 339 MWe per boiler, up from around 292 MWe.

Engineering Dobersek will coordinate the project and will be responsible for onsite management plus the pneumatic ash handling system.

Hamon Thermal will design and supply the electrostatic precipitator filtration system while  RJM International will design and engineer the NOx reduction system.

Reconstruction of the power station will be carried out in two phases and commissioning of Unit B1 is planned for the end of this year, with Unit B2 by the end of 2021.

RJM International said the modernisation works “are an important contribution to improving air quality, enhancing environmental protection and the strengthening of the infrastructure of Kosovo”.