Green gas now supplied to one million UK homes

More than one million homes in the UK are now supplied with green gas, according to new data.

Statistics from the Green Gas Certification Scheme show that since 2017 there has been a 13-fold increase in the number of customers now being supplied with green gas in Britain, hitting the one million homes mark for the first time this year.More than one million homes in the UK are now supplied with green gas

UK Energy Minister Claire Perry said: “Using food and farm waste to create greener gas means millions of people can continue to heat their homes and cook meals while cutting harmful emissions. Reducing our dependence on natural gas will help to tackle climate change, which is exactly why we have investedà‚ à‚£656m in biomethane to scale up green gas.”

Green gas is biomethane and is created from biodegradable material such as farm and food waste. The gas is injected into the grid and then used in the same way as natural gas for cooking and heating.

Dr Kiara Zennaro, head of Biogas at UK trade group the Renewable Energy Association, said green gas “has a crucial role to play in the decarbonization of heat and transport in the UK. Government support schemes have stimulated between à‚£400m and à‚£800m of investment in this low-carbon sector to date, facilitating the development of competitive supply chains, improving soil health, increasing farm productivity and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.”

She added that the real strength of biogas “is that it is an established and commercially ready technology and can therefore help the country deliver swift progress towards greening the grid. More and more energy companies are offering green gas tariffs and the Chancellor’s supportive statements about green gas in the Spring Statement show that its benefits are even being recognised at the top of government.”

Jesse Scharf, Green Gas Certification Scheme, Scheme Manager said:à‚ “We’re very pleased to see so many households are now supporting green gas production in the UK. Together with the increasing number of businesses, small and large, that are also sourcing green gas they are creating an important drive towards greening our gas system.

Green gas is recognized as having a vital role to play helping the UK meet its decarbonization targets and figures show that it has the potential to supply 10 million homes by 2050. There are a growing number of energy companies providing a proportion of green gas to households. The first to offer 100 per cent green gas to customers in the UK was independent energy supplier Green Energy UK, and its managing director Doug Stewart said: “I am delighted that there has been such a strong surge in demand for green gas.à‚ Since launching it two years ago, we have seen a 209 per cent increase in customers wanting us to supply them. Green gas is not only better for the environment, but it means millions of tonnes of organic waste which wouldà‚ otherwise be send to landfill, incinerated or simply left to rot gets put to good use heating our homes.”

The developing role of green gas will be a major focus of European Utility Week in Paris in November. Click here for details.

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