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Energy insight launched for investors and innovators

Europe has the largest deployment of heat pumps globally at 6.7 million installed, Asia Pacific leads the market in electric vehicles, and North America dominates in smart buildings.

These are just some of the findings from a new series of reports sustainable energy innovation organization InnoEnergy.

The reports are designed to provide investors and innovators with comprehensive business intelligence on budding heat and transport technologies to help make successful decisions on funding and partnerships.

InnoEnergy boss Diego Pavia said the report were “an exciting new initiative for InnoEnergy and represent another step forward in tackling the global issue of air pollution”.

“We believe that with the right support and investment for the right technologies, decarbonization of heat and transport can have a hugely positive impact on air quality at both a global and local level. From global warming through to city smog, this is an issue we are committed to tackling head on.”

The reports cover 11 topics within heat and transport including electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and intelligent traffic management, alternative transport fuels including hydrogen, residential heat electrification, integrated heat systems, building management and materials, and waste heat.

InnoEnergy spotlights Europe’s key focuses as interoperable traffic management systems, smart grid services, trigeneration and waste heat technologies and names the region’s leading innovators as Bosch, Daimler and Siemens.

In terms of patents, the reports identify growing activity in the Asia Pacific region, with China submitting thousands of patents a year while Europe lags behind. Top electric transport innovators include Toyota and Hyundai.