Holy cow! How cattle contributed to net zero in 2020

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

2020 was a busy year for the globe in terms of our race to net zero. We look back at the year’s top stories concerning the influence of and impact on the animal kingdom, with a specific focus on how cows are helping the energy transition.

Bovine biomethane connected to UK’s grid for the first time

In the UK, biomethane obtained from cattle manure and straw has been connected to National Grid’s gas transmission system for the first time.

SoCalGas adds more cows to energy mix ” 75,000 now powering grid system

US utility Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) and Calgren Dairy Fuels have increased the number of farms and cows to produce more renewable natural gas.

Study reveals lobsters are untroubled by offshore wind farms

Results from a survey have recently been published by the Holderness Fishing Industry Group (HFIG) which suggest that offshore wind farm construction and operation has no significant negative impact on the ecology of European lobsters.

Chile’s Patagonia benefits from first hydroelectric-solar microgrid

Patagonia National Park solar installation

A ‘run-of-river’ hydroelectric power station, photovoltaic installation, and battery storage system have been combined to provide facilities in the Patagonia National Park with electricity from renewable energy sources.

Norwegian research proposes solution to avian deaths by wind turbines

wind power

A new study out of Norway claims that coloring just one of the blades can dramatically reduce bird deaths from flying into them. Otherwise, according to the study, bird deaths will keep increasing as the power generation world embraces and scales up clean energy.

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