Danish company Vestas has signed a deal to develop wind farms at the factories of Methanex, the world’s largest supplier of methanol.

Methanex is based in Chile and used Vestas turbines two years ago when it redeveloped its Cabo Negro wind power plant in Magallanes. Methanex wanted to move away from natural gas consumption to utilise wind, which is abundant in Chile.

Now the company has signed a deal which will see Vestas develop wind projects at its production facilities worldwide.

Methanex general manager Paul Schiodz said: “The success of our wind farm in Magallanes demonstrates the role that wind can play in the regional energy matrix. The agreement with Vestas should contribute to establish a robust regulatory framework to incentivise wind energy in the region.”

Morten Albaek of Vestas added: “Producing methanol is an energy intensive process. With the Cabo Negro wind project, Methanex has shown its creativity in finding a business model that reduces its consumption of natural gas.”