In another installment of ongoing global solar wars, the US has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) alleging discrimination against American-made solar products by the Indian government’s national solar programme.

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said, “India’s programme appears to discriminate against US solar equipment by requiring solar energy producers to use locally manufactured cells and by offering subsidies to those developers who use domestic equipment.
India and US flags
These forced localisation requirements of India’s national solar programme restrict India’s market to US imports. Tackling these barriers is a top priority of the Obama administration.”

India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry additional secretary Rajeev Kher said; “According to the laid-down procedure, India has to respond within 10 days. We have received the notice and will respond within the prescribed time period.”

Consultations are the first stage in the WTO dispute settlement process, wherein parties involved are encouraged to agree to a solution but if the issue remains unresolved within 60 days of consultations the US may request the WTO set up a dispute settlement panel as the next step.

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