UK Energy Committee meets on wind power economics

In the UK the Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold a public evidence session on the Economics of Wind Power today, with the committee’s Tim Yeo saying they wanted to cut through the ‘hot air’ talked about wind energy.à‚ 
Tim Yeo MP
Chairman of the Committee, Tim Yeo said that government policy on wind power should be based on sound economics and not political pressure from what he called a ‘small minority.’

“Inà‚ this session we want to cut through all the hot air talked about wind power and examine whether the economics really add up.

Wind farms are over forty times less polluting than gas burning power stations – per unit of energy produced – but there are concerns about the costs to consumers.

We will be asking if the Chancellor is right to consider cutting onshore wind power subsidies? And how much these subsidies really add to our electricity bills?

Does it really make financial sense to generate low-carbon electricity from wind? Or are there cheaper ways to cut carbon emissions from our power stations?”

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