The company behind a $125m carbon capture and storage project in Texas, US claims that it has found a way to turn carbon dioxide into solid materials, which could have a significant impact on global policy towards the technology.

Skyonic, whose project is backed by BP (LSEBP ) and ConocoPhillips (NYSECOP) claims that it can turn CO2 into products as harmless as baking soda.

Skyonic has received a $25m grant from the US Department of Energy, which is supporting several projects trying to convert captured carbon dioxide from a threat to the climate to an economically viable commodity.
The manufacturers behind the process say pilot projects have been successful and would now prove its commercial viability with a plant that will capture emissions from a San Antonio cement factory. Construction on the plant should start later in April.

However analysts say Skyonic still has a long way to go to prove its technology can work commercially.

Last week the European Commission set adoption of CCS technology high on its list of priorities in order for the bloc to meet its emission targets, despite fears from the big fossil fuel companies that they will be pressurised into installation, regardless of cost.

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