While conflict rages south of the border, Scotland has reiterated its support for the proposed 10 per cent subsidy cut for onshore wind Renewable Obligation Certificates.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond sent a letter to DECC secretary Ed Davey spelling out Holyrood plans to set the ROC for onshore wind at 0.9, “in line with proposals in the recent consultation on this issue”, adding that the Scottish government “is not aware of any evidence for any further reduction”.

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister

Salmond said: “The continuing uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the Renewables Obligation reviews upon which both Governments have consulted risks undermining significantly our ability to meet our shared renewable energy aims.

“DECC’s announcement this week to delay its ROC review decision has caused real anxiety to stakeholders and developers, especially in the light of recent press reports that the UK government is considering even lower onshore wind support levels than the 10 per cent reduction proposed in the consultation.”

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